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And Baby Makes......FIVE!

September 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I've been able to photograph this family ever since big sister was just over 1 and little brother was still sitting snug in Mommy's belly. I love being able to see my clients multiple times throughout the year and year after year. Its as much for me to look back at photographs of them and see how much they've grown as it is for you! 

I was so excited that they wanted to do an in-home newborn session for their latest addition. One, because I LOVE doing in home sessions and two because I LOVE this family and I just knew that this type of session would be perfect for them. I've done photos for them enough times to know that they want to see those fun "outtakes" that happen at every shoot, the ones where someone is scowling or making a funny face, because why not! That's life with toddlers right! And with in-home sessions you are always going to get that, along with kids being proud to show me their toys and their rooms and being able to take a time out from the camera if needed. They are just awesome (can you tell I like doing in home lifestyle shoots???) ;-) 

I was so happy to meet Baby Nico and even happier that we were able to get photos with Grandma and Great Grandma who were visiting from out of town. 

Check out the video from their shoot, I just love it :-) 

NICO from Victoria Lind on Vimeo.

Morning at Home {Lifestyle Photography} Pearland, TX

April 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I know that Mom has been so patiently waiting for these and I can't thank her enough! Fact....I suck at culling images, especially for a lifestyle shoot when I LOVE them all! 

She's a photographer as well, so talk about pressure! Its always such an honor when a fellow photographer wants you to photograph their family, but a little nerve racking as well. You know they have their own vision of how they want the shoot to go and you just hope you can capture it perfectly for them! I was so incredibly happy when Mom contacted me and said she wanted to do a lifestyle session. I LOVE these types of sessions! I've always loved capturing those "in between" moments in photo shoots and I feel like lifestyle sessions are all the "in between" moments. The real moments and interactions between families. You just being you, and me just being there, like that annoying neighbor that just shows up and won't leave ;-) 

So for now I'll leave you with a video that I LOVE. Blog post with photos coming soon!

T. Harmon from Victoria Lind on Vimeo.

If you're interested in booking your own lifestyle session or you have questions about the whole thing! Contact me at 

Little Baker - Storytelling Session - Pearland, TX

April 17, 2015  •  2 Comments

One visit when I was at my mom's we were cleaning out her kitchen, because I love love love to clean things out and get rid of things! Fortunately for her and unfortunately for me I ended up bringing a lot of stuff home with me. You know, so some day I can clean it out of my house and have the satisfaction of getting rid of it ;-) One of those things was a Gold Medal Flour Alphabet kids cookbook that I had when I was little and I remember flipping through the pages and wanting to make everything. I checked out the copyright and it was printed in 1987, so this baby has been around awhile!

I thought about it one day when Maddox said he wanted to make something, so I pulled out the cookbook and he had so much fun flipping through and picking out something to make. Now everyday, (at 7am), he's asking for his cookbook so we can make something. Some days I give in (A is for Apple Crisp breakfast Tuesday apparently!) and some days I make him wait until the afternoon when sister is sleeping and we need a quiet activity. Its been great! He's learning his fractions, he's learning how to measure things and the best of all he's so proud to see what we've made. And its gotten me out of my comfort zone with cooking, making my own pie crusts and bread, something I would just buy or use my bread machine for before! And the recipes are super easy, with few ingredients so we're not making a huge mess, which scores major big time points with this Momma! 

The first thing we made was Mud Pie for M, and no, there was no mud in it, just lots of delicious chocolate! My camera is always hanging out on my kitchen bar so I grabbed it and snapped some photos along the way. Its been fun and I hope he continues to enjoy cooking and baking!

{if you just want to check out the photos without the video keep on scrolling!}

Maddox cake from Victoria Lind on Vimeo.



Happy Father's Day!

April 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

YES! You read that right! Happy Father's Day! I sat down this year and thought, how come I never do Daddy and Me sessions? Well, first off, no Dad's would probably do it (yes, you, DAD, you need to get in front of the camera too.....and be happy!) and the second reason, Father's Day always sneaks up on me! One of my goals this year is to really get into more lifestyle and storytelling sessions and I think its a lofty goal not because the sessions don't totally rock, but because lifestyle and storytelling are such overused and broad words that I don't think most people know what they really are. So what better way to show you how much these types of sessions rock, than to offer "Mini Storytelling Sessions" I'm confident that after you book this type of session you'll love them just as much as I do. 

So here are the details:

Mini Storytelling Sessions (30-45 minutes max) - These sessions are created to shine the light on your special relationship with your kids. What do you love to do with your kids? Some special routine you have with them? Maybe its getting donuts on Saturday mornings, fishing at the park, playing soccer in the backyard, whatever you do with your kids that is special that you want to remember, its totally up to you!

35-50 images

Add on items: slideshow, album

Spots will be very limited!


And don't worry Moms, same deal applies to YOU! I can't wait to see what you all come up with! Check out my sweet lovies and my loving husband at their special Daddy date to the Astros Game :-) 

Astros Game from Victoria Lind on Vimeo.


*If your activity requires admission you will be asked to purchase a ticket for your favorite photographer ;-) 

Newborn Emmaline {Houston, Texas}

January 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Baby Emmaline was my very last session of 2014! She has the sweetest big sisters I've ever met. They just couldn't get enough of their tiny new little sister and such great helpers! I wanted to take one of them home with me :-) 

I always love to use things in photo sessions that are meaningful to the family and the quilt that Emmaline is laying on is one of those meaningful pieces. The pieces were sewed by a family member years ago and recently found and made into a quilt. And what a beautiful quilt! Perfect for little girls! 

The beautiful quilt, the perfect backdrop for a sweet baby girl

Sweet baby got a little hungry by the end of the shoot, too bad Dad couldn't help her out too much ;-)

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